Here are the CDs I've made

You can find these at most on line retailers and streaming services, or directly from me ($10) via email: Click on the titles to listen.

The X Trio: Sunday Dust, 2018. Steve, Mark Lysher bass, Todd Marcus clarinets.

The Ruthless Shapes of Paradise, 2015. Steve, Denman Maroney hyperpiano, Ocasr Noriega alto sax, clarinet. Nominated for Record of the Year by Avant Music News.

Conversations, 2014. Steve, Dave Ballou trumpet, Andrew Delclos bassoon, Michael Formanek bass, Jarrett Gilgore alto sax, Todd Marcus bass clarinet, Tony Martucci drums. Nominated for Best Jazz Recording of 2014 by the Washington Area Musicians Association.

Here are the CDs I've Executive Produced

Jeff Cosgrove

Alternating Current, 2014. Cosgrove drums, Matthew Shipp piano, William Parker bass. 

Conversations with Owls, 2015. Cosgrove drums, Frank Kimbrough piano, Martin Wind bass.

Tony Martucci

Long Street Charm, 2009. Martucci drums, Bill Heid Hammond B3 organ, Lyle Link tenor sax, Geoff Reecer guitar.

Life in Hand, 2011. Martucci drums, Marc Copland piano, John D’Earth trumpet, Tom Baldwin bass.